FINDGENE analysis to help detect major genes in pedigreed data sets.

Foreword:  Go to to find about AGBU's "Gene Detective".  This is likely to have more power, robustness and scaleability than the older Findgene.    BPK

The FINDGENE project is funded by the Australian Meat Research Corporation, and relates to screening for genes of major effect and likely commercial value to MRC target industries. It has built on an existing method to develop technical improvements and a software package (FINDGENE) which can be used on large industry data sets to screen for such major genes. Modifications include memory and speed efficient algorithms, ability to fit a range of models, and data input/output and user interface conducive to efficient operation.

Simulation results show that this approach to major gene detection is limited in power, as expected given lack of genetic markers to aid the gene dictation process. However for genes of moderately large effect the software is likely to prove quite effective at identifying individuals and/or families which should be investigated further with the use of genetic markers.

A number of industry data sets have been analysed, with some moderate to strong evidence of major gene segregation. A number of these are now being investigated further using genetic markers derived from DNA tests.

The FINDGENE software has been adapted to run with the Lambplan genetic evaluation system.

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