Brian Kinghorn


B.Sc. Honours 2(ii) in Genetics

1970-1974, University of Glasgow.

Ph.D. "Quantitative genetics in fish breeding"

1978-1981, University of Edinburgh, while located at Aas, Norway.

Dr.Agric. "Genetic effects in crossbreeding"

1979-1982, Agricultural University of Norway, Aas, Norway.

Dr.Agric defense.  Aas, Norway.


Aug 74 - Jun 75

Veterinary Representative, Upjohn (UK) Ltd. Covering Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Jul 75 - Dec 75

Agricultural work in France, Ordinary Seaman on cargo ship.

Dec 75 - Jan 78

Research Officer, Matopos Research Station, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Beef cattle breeding research.

Mar 78 - Sep 78

[Travel in Australia and India]

Oct 79 - Jun 79

[Student at Edinburgh University]

Jul 79 - Jul 82

Researcher, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural University of Norway. Fish breeding research and theoretical quantitative genetics.

Aug 82 - Sep 84

Research Scientist, N.S.W. Dept. Agriculture, Agricultural Research Center, Trangie. Beef and sheep breeding research.

Oct 84 - present

Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor (Jan 91), Professor (Nov 95), School of Rural Science and Agriculture, University of New England.  Funded by the Twynam Pastoral Company as the Twynam Chair in Animal Breeding Technologies, 1995-2002.  Funded by Sygen International PLC as the Sygen Chair in Genetic Information Systems, 2003-2005 and by Genus PLC as the Genus Chair in Genetic Information Systems, 2006-June 2007. 

Apr 86 - Mar 89

Member, Australian Special Rural Research Council. Ministerial appointment following competitive application. Chair plus seven members were inaugural in 1986, responsible for issues of national priority, multi-industry research, and research for infant and emerging industries.

Nov 88 - 2002

Director, Merinotech Pty. Ltd. - a sheep breeding company using advanced genetic evaluation techniques.

Oct 90 - Dec 98

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Livestock Production Science, Elsevier.

July 93 - Feb 94

Acting Head, Department of Animal Science, University of New England.

Sept 93 - Dec 96

Member, Technical Advisory Board, Newsham Hybrids (USA) Inc., Colorado Springs.

Jan 94 - present

Member, Editorial Board, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica.

Jan 94 - Dec 95

Chair, Animal Care and Ethics Committee, University of New England

Jan 97 - May 97

Visiting Professor, Colorado State University

28-30 April  97

1997 A.B. Chapman Lecturer. University of Wisconsin.

May 97 - Sept 97

Visiting Professor, Roslin Institute and Scottish Agricultural College

Jan 98 - 2002

Manager, Education Program, Meat Quality Cooperative Research Centre

Jul 98 - Aug 98

Visiting Professor, University of Helsinki, delivering course 'Quantitative Genetics in Animal Breeding' to Scandanavian and Baltic PhD students.